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New Kosher Vegan Eatery Has Opened in Aventura, FL: Vgan Kitchen

UPDATE January 2018:

Vgan is not officially certified kosher (yet), as previously reported. Please see the comment from the owner in the comments section below. 

A completely kosher vegan and gluten free restaurant has opened in Aventura, just north of Miami: Vgan Kitchen. The completely pareve eatery also serves food using organic and non-GMO ingredients.

There is a little something for everyone on the menu. Some of the main dishes that are offered include butternut squash lasagna, crispy cauliflower pizza, and a raw vegan burger. There are also salads, smoothies, and different lemonades.

Breakfast items include banana crepes, pancakes, vegan chickpea omelette, and a chia pudding parfait.

Hours of operation are Sunday 9am-4pm, Monday-Thursday 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-11pm, and Saturday 8:30am-11pm.

Vgan Kitchen is certified by Rabbi Gallowinsky.



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  • Hi, I am the co owner of Vgan Kitchen Restaurant, at North Miami.
    We are not a Certified Kosher Restaurant yet, Rabbi Gallowinsky has NOT certified this Restaurant.
    But nevertheless, all our products are kosher organic.
    We are a Vegan Organic Restaurant