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Teaneck’s Salsa Metsuyan Has Reopened As Fully Pareve

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Salsa Metsuyan, opened next door to Sushi Metsyuan in Teaneck, NJ in early 2016, had closed temporarily this year and has revamped their menu for the healthier, now offering a strictly pareve, Mexican-inspired menu.

Having reopened in late October, the restaurant’s new iteration offers burritos, bowls, salads, & poke with similar offerings to the original Salsa Metsuyan, substituting meat for fish, veggie & tofu fake faux meats in its place.

Click here for Salsa Metsuyan’s new menu

Vegetarians and pescatarians will rejoice at the revamped menu which includes veggie-heavy offerings that add a variety of fish, eggs, or tofu as the added protein.

Salsa Metsuyan is kosher certified under the RCBC. 



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