New Kosher Option in Phoenix Now Open: 613 Grill

Photo cred: Andrew Foster

A brand new kosher restaurant has opened up in Phoenix, Arizona. 613 Grill is delighting residents by serving fresh Israeli cuisine.

Customers can expect to find everything from hummus to kababs to burgers. Burger options include pastrami, double, lamb, and veggie patties. Fresh schnitzel, rib eye steaks, falafel, and sabich are also on the menu.

Kids can order chicken fingers, hot dogs, or burgers. The whole family can top off their meal with a delicious runny chocolate chip cookie, tiramisu, ice cream, or fondue for two.

Image credit: Andrew Foster

Hours of operation are 11am-9pm.

613 Grill is Glatt Kosher under the Vaad in Phoenix.

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  • Bob

    While the menu is uninspired, the quirky-retro venue and the mountains in the background look amazing.

  • antifascist18

    I hope that 1.) it’ll be as good as the late, lamented SABUDDY (anyone care to tell me why that restaurant went out, I know the owner occasionally complained of lack of business but it was ALWAYS packed when we were there), and 2.) it’ll be better and less expensive than the similarly named restaurant next door to Chabad of Scottsdale. Ate there once and was NOT impressed at all. OVERPRICED and not as good as the previous Kosher market grill.


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