[Updated] Filicori Zecchini Now Open in Downtown Baltimore


UPDATE: Now Open!

Kosher workers in downtown Baltimore near the Inner Harbour will be happy to learn that an addition of a kosher cafe opening in the area.

Filicori Zecchini is replacing the vacant Nature’s Table on Pratt Street. The cafe serves all types of sandwiches, breakfast, salads, and pastries. This is the restaurant’s second location in the state. Filicori Zecchini’s first kosher location in Maryland is at the Towson Mall.

The cafe chain also has a number of shops with kosher supervision in NYC, all in Manhattan.

The cafe is under the kosher supervision of Rabbi Y. Zvi Weiss (Beis Haknesses Ohr Hachaim).

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  • expat1observer

    The Filicori on 95th and Broadway NYC became Espresso and then was closed by the marshals a few weeks ago!

  • Avraham Sonenthal

    The Filicori 1 Pratt St location is open but still does not have the kosher certificate in the store. That to me is a red flag. I think we should not eat there until the certificate is there. If Rabbi Weiss knew when the store was opening why did he not inspect it and provide the certificate? To be continued.

  • yb

    you can ask Rabbi Weiss directly as I did and he said he doe NOT give a hechsher there.

  • yb

    no longer kosher according to Star-K


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