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Kosher Travel Meals in the SF Bay Area: Epic Bites

Traveling to San Francisco or Silicon Valley on business and need kosher meals? Epic Bites, a renown high-end catering company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, is here to help. With relatively few kosher options in the region, aside for Sabra Grill downtown, boxed meals by L’Chaim Sushi, and the kosher vegetarian restaurant Shangri-La, Epic Bites fills in a void that assists business & leisure travelers with custom meals.

The caterer offers seasonal California cuisine, where everything is fresh and delicious. Customers are also able to customize the menu based on their food preferences, or they can go with the chef’s choosing.

epic-bites-kosherFood is delivered double wrapped if it needs to be reheated, just in case a customer is using a hotel microwave. Most meals will require refrigeration, and, if requested, meals can be frozen for convenience.

Meal prices range from $15-30 for breakfast, $30-50 for lunch, and $60-100 for dinner. The minimum order is $300, however exceptions can be made.

Epic Bites offers delivery, and the cost ranges from $25-200, depending on time of day and location. Customers who are part of business meetings or conferences, etc. can request their meal to match other diners with kosher plates and cutlery.

Past meal selections have included homemade gnocchi with smoked onions, pan seared chanterelles and pickled cherries; maple (kosher) bacon bread pudding w/maple cream and balsamic cranberry jam; gin cured gravlax salad w/ fennel, apple, and candied grapefruit; and white bean and kale salad w/ spicy chorizo and pomegranate seeds.

epic-bites-kosher-foodAt least one week of notice is requested, if possible.

Epic Bites delivers between Palo Alto and Napa Valley, and everything in between.

Epic Bites is under the kashrut supervision of the Vaad of Northern California.