Coming Soon to Gowanus, Brooklyn: Bison & Bourbon

Last updated: May 12, 2016

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The new site of Bison & Bourbon

UPDATE: Slated to open June 1st, 2016.

The very Jewish neighborhood of Gowanus, Brooklyn </sarcasm> is getting its very own kosher restaurant in the near future, billing itself as Brooklyn’s latest and most gorgeous Kosher joint. The restaurant, Bison & Bourbon, is set to open in May of this year in a space formerly operated as The Bahche.

It appears that the restaurant is taking the approach of restaurants such as Pardes & Chagall Bistro, both opening in traditionally non-Orthodox neighborhoods. If they offer a great experience, people will drive in for it.

The restaurant can seat 200 people inside on 2 levels, with the upper level able to accommodate private events, family gatherings, and Sheva Brachot. B&B’s seating outdoors can accommodate up to 100 people.

Located down the street from The Bell House, a bar and concert venue bringing indie acts to a redecorated 1920s warehouse space should provide more reason for people to venture out to the Gowanus for the evening.

Bison & Bourbon will be Glatt Kosher under the OK supervision. Location is posted in the map below.


Expect more information to be posted here in the coming weeks.




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  • David Sherman

    Are they going to carry bison? That’s a rarity. I recall having Bison Ribs (“The Foundation” – “we promise you won’t be able to finish the plate”) at a restaurant in Skokie (now closed) many years ago – it was connected to Ken’s Diner but I forget the fine-dining restaurant’s name. And Abigael’s in Manhattan had Bison Chili [as well as Venison Stew] but there wasn’t enough bison in it to really get a sense of the meat. I’ve heard that Chicago-area kosher stores sell bison burgers.

    Or is this just a cute name for the restaurant?