Dr. Laffa is now Famous Laffa Kosher (Toronto)

Last updated: January 13, 2015

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famous-laffa-kosher-torontoAccording to Toronto’s COR (kosher agency):

Dr. Laffa was acquired by a restaurant franchise called “Famous Laffa”. Non-kosher locations will be separately owned and called “Famous Laffa” and kosher locations will be called “Famous Laffa Kosher” as is done with other similar franchises (i.e. “Subway” and “Kosher Subway”).

The branding and colour scheme for the restaurants will be different and menus, takeout bags, promotional material and the like from Famous Laffa Kosher will all feature the COR kosher symbol prominently.

Currently, the only Famous Laffa Kosher location that is kosher is at 401 Magnetic Drive.

Dr. Laffa on the Go located at 3027 Bathurst Street is also still in operation and under COR certification.

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  • David Sherman

    Dr. Laffa on the Go is now separated from the one up north, and still makes delicious takeout shawarma-laffa. They just moved two doors north in the same strip plaza on Bathurst just south of Lawrence. They’re generous with the vegetables and toppings, like any Israeli shawarma place. We get takeout from there at least once a week and love it. It’s like a short visit to Israel; the staff are all Israeli.

  • It’s a little more involved than that. Dr. Laffa is still alive and well. http://bit.ly/1IDB4Vy