Famous Pita in Brooklyn, Shut Down by DOH

Last updated: January 12, 2015

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Image via Dollars & Sense Blog

Image via Dollars & Sense Blog

Having grown up on Famous Pita shwarma and hummus as a kid, I was dismayed to read that the long standing popular shwarma and falafel joint was operating with an expired food service establishment permit (since June 2014) and thus shut down by NYC’s Dept of Health (DOH), as reported by DitmasParkCorner.com.

The DOH said that once the permit is renewed, the restaurant can reopen.

Additionally, the DOH noted that if a restaurant has an expired permit, they are given multiple reminders to renew before they are closed. In this case, Famous Pita was first alerted to the expired permit in June of 2014, the DOH said.


H/T Yehuda Schupper

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