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Finally! A European Kosher Product Database

The Conference of European Rabbis recently launched an online database with a comprehensive list of all the kosher food products in Europe! This is the first time that all approved products have been brought together in one place, and the first electronic list, so it easily accessible to anyone!

For all kosher travelers, this will be an invaluable tool for your European vacations and greatly enhance your dining experiences while away from home. With regard to the launch of the new online list, CER President Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said: “This online resource is a fantastic example of how modern technology can be used to make religious life a little easier. The project comes following a huge amount of hard work over recent months and we will of course continue to update and improve it.”

The list can be accessed by clicking here (although in our tests it works better on a desktop computer, still wonky via mobile).

Source: YNet News

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  • what does this mean? does it mean ferrero sold in countries like austria are kosher certified by Chief Rabbi Dr. Kotel Da-Don?

    FERRERO Milch-Schnitte

    ChocolateAustria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, England, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia,

    KroatiaCroatia- Chief Rabbi Dr. Kotel Da-Don

  • anyone know what the symbol euK with a blick circle around the K. Is that an EU Kashrut symbol? todah Shavua tov from Yerushaliyim