Noah’s Ark Deli on Lower East Side (NYC) is Closing

Last updated: October 22, 2013

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Noah’s Ark Deli, the last full-service Kosher restaurant on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, has received an eviction notice and noahs-ark-deliwill be closing.

Once the home to millions of Jewish immigrants, the Orthodox Jewish population on the Lower East Side is dwindling, and although there are still some Kosher-style restaurants there, Noah’s Ark was the last full-service Kosher restaurant left.

According to their website, Noah’s Ark was under the kashrus supervision of the Star-K.

Source: The Jewish Week

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  • So sad… hope they reopen somewhere else. Why did they get an eviction notice?! Evil landlords.

    • Marc Klein

      They are still around. They have a location in NJ

      • I know. When I say ‘elsewhere,’ I mean [lower] Manhattan, a place convenient to NYC-based workers.

        • Marc Klein

          There’s still Murray’s Falafal

          • That’s not Noah’s Ark. :) No deli sandwiches!

          • Marc Klein

            Katz Deli but it’s not Glatt

          • Yeah. It’s just disappointing that Noah’s Ark that has been a staple for so long is no longer able to due to “eviction.” :(

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