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Awesome iPhone Case for International Travelers: SIMPLcase

Last month I got back from my 2 week trip to Israel where I used my iPhone 5 as my main phone and Internet device (I also had a laptop and iPad wifi only).

To make sure I had service when I arrived, I made arrangements with to get a SIM before leaving (they sent me one from two different carriers to test). [I recently wrote about the MANY different options on utilizing / renting / buying a phone or SIM in Israel. It’s an important read before you travel.]

For anyone who has removed SIMs from an iPhone before knows, you need a tiny utensil, or paper clip to get the job done. Additionally, I ran into the issue of protecting and keeping my tiny AT&T SIM card during my travels.

There is no good solution for international travelers, until now.

There’s a new project on Kickstarter called SIMPLcase, and it tackles the exact issues I faced as an international traveler. (Full Disclosure: I just became a funder of this project for $12, and will receive a case assuming the project is completed and produced. This is the first Kickstarter project I’ve ever funded).

The case, currently just for the iPhone 5, and eventually older models, contains a slot for both the iPhone’s SIM tray eject tool (provided) and spare SIM cards so they’re safe. Additionally, it uses any standard credit card as a stand for using your iPhone hands-free in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

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  • This is so smart! My cousin was just in from England and almost lost his sim card, this would have been helpful!