Packing & Preparing for a Winter Trip to Jerusalem, Israel

Last updated: January 9, 2013

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Having spent a significant amount of time in Israel on and off for the past 14 years, I always relished my time spent in Jerusalem. One thing I did not love was the insane temperature swings that came with winter days in the city.

The trick to packing yourself for heading to multiple climates all at once.

I spent ~5 days in Jerusalem 2 weeks ago. The weather was so nice that I only needed a sweater and a light jacket at night, and sometimes without a jacket at all during the day. No rain whatsoever, and quite pleasant.

Now, 2 weeks later, it is snowing (and the streets are flooding in Tel Aviv, whereas last week we had a week straight of sunshine and 70°+ weather).

The trick here is to pack layers of clothes, for multiple climates. You may experience Summer, Spring/Autumn, and Winter within a span of 12 hours.

Make sure to pack:

  • a light jacket / windbreaker
  • scarf & gloves
  • poncho / strong umbrella
  • winter coat
  • waterproof shoes / boots

What are your must-bring items when dealing with such variable climates? Comment below.

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  • LilMissCakes

    These are great tips! It’s easy to forget that it gets cold and rainy in Jerusalem.

  • Great article, It’s so hard to travel to Israel during winter because the weather is so random! Thanks for these great tips.

  • The snow came on the day that was my aliya-anniversary. A bitter-sweet day to be in the US.

  • sam

    I will be in Israel competing in the Maccabiah this year – Do you have packing tips for the summer period? Is the weather just as random?

    • Sam, will try and write something up, but you should know that it is generally quite hot day and night with temps consistently in the 80s & 90s and I can guarantee that it will not rain. Pack sneakers and strong sandals for hiking.

      • sam

        Thanks Dani,

        Even in Jerusalem? A few have warned me nights can be cool there…

        • Nights can be cool there. Bring a light jacket just in case.