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Shang-Chai Closing on New Years Day 2013; to be renamed “Shang-Meis”

Shang-Chai, the 4 decades-old, famous, kosher Chinese restaurant on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, will be closing its door this week (1/1/13) due to “renovations” (according to “A bank is likely to open in the location” in place of the restaurant according to the maître d’ of ShangChai.

Shang-Chai was one of those places that was consistent. The service wasn’t the best, but the food was always flavorful. No place in Brooklyn, especially the non-Chinese restaurants with Chinese menus (I’m looking at you Chap A Nosh, Kosher Delight, Essex on Coney, etc.) had better Chinese food.

It’s a place that many of us who grew up in Brooklyn remember for the birthday parties, Sheva Brachot, and family dinners.

There’s a sense of nostalgia from all corners of the Brooklyn Jewish community (whether you considered it kosher or not!) for Shang-Chai. It will sorely be missed.

H/T to TYW user ‘DaasYochid’ for “Shang-Meis”

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