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NY Financial District Gets a New Lunch Option: Cravings

Since the unfortunate closure of the Milk Street Cafe in the Financial District, many who work on Wall Street have been without a Kosher lunch option. As you may remember, the owner of the cafe protested not only Occupy Wall Street's activities outside his storefront, but also the NYPD baracades that made it difficult for customers to see and enter his restaurant. Occupy Wall Street protestors are gone from Zuccotti Park, but not before the damage was done to Milk Street's bottom line. For the first time since December, Kosher-keepers now have a new place to eat in the Financial District. 

Located at 17 Trinity Place (between Morris & Exchange), which happens to be directly behind the OU's building, Cravings's menu has salads, sandwiches, personal pizzas, and other lunch favorites. The restaurant is supervised by the Orthodox Union (OU) and will be Chalav Yisroel. This location was formerly Essex on Coney Downtown, and supposed to be Goodfellas.

Given the disappearance of both Occupy Wall Street and the NYPD from the neighborhood, I have hopes for the kind of success Milk Street Cafe was enjoying before the protests began.

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H/T to @Koshertopia