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New Kosher Sandwich Spot in Ramat Gan: Halawla

Halawla is the name of a new kosher sandwich joint in Ramat Gan, Israel. Challah sandwiches, also known as an “Erev Shabbat Sandwich” is a growing trend in the Israeli culinary scene, with specialty eateries popping up across the country.

The idea is to take whatever you’re preparing for Shabbat, put it on challah, and make a sandwich out of it. It started as challah topped with spicy tomato paste, red coleslaw, deep-fried eggplants, and schnitzel, but has recently been taken to a new level. Take Chalati in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda, which does an amazing schnitzel sandwich, but also does a phenomenal pulled beef on challah as well.

At Halawla, they take the challah and add a large variety of fillings like tofu schnitzel, sabich, and pulled beef. The sandwich shop does salads and sides as well, but you’re coming for the sandwich!

Kosher certified by Badatz Harav Machpud

Located at Ben Gurion 20, Ramat Gan
Open Sun-Thur 10am-3am; Friday until a few hours before Shabbat

Thank you to Yehudah Jacobs (@theisraelifoodie) for compiling this article.