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Shipping Now: Special Rosh Hashanah Products from The Rebbe’s Choice

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The Rebbe’s Choice Rosh Hashanah Gift Box

Many of you are already familiar with the innovative kosher “kiddush” products from The Rebbe’s Choice that are available in your favorite kosher markets. Now, they have exclusive new Rosh Hashana products available currently on TheRebbesChoice.com.

These products include 2 artisanal honey varieties, a full Rosh Hashanah Herring Board, and a Rosh Hashanah Gift Box that includes honey, herring, kichel crackers, etc. all shipped to your house before the holidays.

These products are being offered at a limited supply and may not be available at your local kosher market – so if you want them on your yontif table, be sure to order them now at TheRebbesChoice.com.

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