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BREAKING: Chef Eyal Shani Opening 2nd Kosher “Malka” Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Debrah Brown Hotel

Located inside the newly refurbished Debrah Brown Hotel, formerly the Deborah Hotel, world-renowned restauranteur Chef Eyal Shani is opening up his second “Malka” restaurant in the city, both being his only kosher restaurants in the world, out of the ~150 restaurants he is involved in.

Malka’s first location opened about 4 years ago in the White City.

The lobby of the Debrah Brown Hotel will be home to Malka, a beautifully designed space and hotel. While we are awaiting the menu from the restaurant, we expect the menu to be eclectic and different and all about the dishes and vessels they will be served in. For example, they will be serving food in paper bags, sand toys, and rock slabs – each telling a unique story about the food and dish.

More coming soon on the menu specifics at the new Malka restaurant in Tel Aviv.

The restaurant is expected to open tomorrow, Thursday 2/24/22, and will be kosher certified by Rabbanut Tel Aviv.

Malka (#2) is located inside the Debrah Brown Hotel at Ben Yehuda 87, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Thank you to Yehudah Jacobs (@theisraelifoodie) for compiling this article

Debrah Brown Lobby

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