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[BRAND NEW] Chef Warshaw Opens Kosher Smokehouse in Boca: BURNT

Burnt Smokehouse & Bar is your new spot for kosher BBQ in Boca Raton. While Backyard BBQ is available in Surfside, the new restaurant saves a drive for Boca locals that crave those BBQ flavors.

Burnt is brought together by a few names in the kosher culinary world including Chef Seth Warshaw (etc Steakhouse), Chef Louis Abramson (formerly Char-Q & Nobo), and Shmully Sabol.

Louis, Seth, and Shmully

On the menu at Burnt Smokehouse are a wide variety of smoked meats, sliced, on the bone or in a sandwich. Options include brisket, veal neck, short ribs, half a chicken, and so much more. For those looking for a lighter option, the restaurant offers four salad options, including a grain bowl and a caesar salad.

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Burnt Smokehouse and Bar is located at 8177 Glades Rd Bay 21, Boca Raton, FL. It is kosher certified by the ORB.

Burnt Smokehouse and Bar is open Sunday-Thursday, 5pm-11pm.