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[UPDATED LIST] Food Markets Boycotting Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream shop in Tel Aviv, Israel (image: Google)

It’s not every day that an ice cream company originally founded by Jews makes international headlines with political statements and performative gesturing. But just a day after National Ice Cream Day in the US, the Half Baked board at Ben & Jerry’s announced it will no longer be distributing its famous ice cream to the “Occupied Palestinian Territories,” meaning Judea & Samaria (the West Bank) and East Jerusalem (i.e. the Old City), but specifically the Jewish towns in those areas.

While the company’s announcement, made by corporate owner Unilever, did state that it will continue its distribution in Israel from its Israeli facility, it did note that it will be severing ties with that facility in 1.5 years when their contract is up. Additionally, the B&J’s board noted in follow-up interviews that had they had their way, they wanted to boycott all of Israel entirely and pull out of that market.

The Ben & Jerry’s Israel facility created a kosher for Passover charoset flavor ice cream back in 2015.

While Ben & Jerry’s has capitulated to the oft antisemitic BDS movement against Israel, kosher markets that have carried the kosher ice cream product have started to clap back. Within hours of Ben & Jerry’s announcement that it is removing its products from Jewish communities in the Middle East, kosher and non-kosher supermarkets and chains in the West have been announcing the boycott of Ben & Jerry’s products from its shelves.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Israel is made by an Israeli-owned facility (at least for the next 1.5 years) employing hundreds of Israelis. This company should not be boycotted if you want to support the Israeli business and workers. Please continue to support the Israeli Ben & Jerry’s as they’ve withstood a lot of pressure from corporate.

Here’s a list of markets currently boycotting the Unilever-owned ice cream brand:

Market NameLocation(s)
Aroma Kosher Market Multiple FL locations
Aron’s Kissena FarmsQueens, NY
BreadberryBrooklyn, NY
Cedar MarketTeaneck, NJ
Everfresh SupermarketGreat Neck, NY
Evergreen MarketMonsey, NY
Glatt Express SupermarketTeaneck, NJ
Gourmet GlattMultiple NY & NJ locations
Grand & EssexBergenfield, NJ
GristedesMultiple NY locations
Holon FoodsBrooklyn, NY
KolSaveLawrence, NY
Kosher KingdomMelbourne, Australia
Market MavenBaltimore, MD
Moisha’s SupermarketBrooklyn, NY
Morton WilliamsMultiple NY & NJ locations
The Pomegranate MarketBrooklyn, NY
Riverdale Kosher MarketThe Bronx, NY
Sarah’s TentChicago, IL
Seasons MarketMultiple NY & NJ locations
Shalom KosherSilver Spring, MD
Shop Delight SupermarketGreat Neck, NY
Wesley KosherMonsey, NY
Ben & Jerry’s corporate makes Half Baked decisions

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