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[BRAND NEW] Kosher Ghost Kitchen in Englewood: Buckets Chicken

Triple Threat sandwiches by Buckets Chicken

Burger Boss and Taco185 are sibling “ghost kitchen” restaurants that opened in 2020. The pair is now joined by Buckets Chicken, a dream restaurant for fried chicken lovers. Like its peers, Buckets is takeout/pickup only.

many pieces of fried chicken
an aerial view of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw on separate plates

The Buckets Chicken menu features beer-battered onion rings, cauliflower poppers, fries, fried chicken buckets, and fried chicken sandwiches plus soups and sides. Fried chicken buckets come in three flavors: original, maple, and buffalo.

Buckets Chicken is located at 186 Humphery St, Englewood, NJ. It is kosher certified by the RCBC.

Buckets Chicken is open Sunday-Thursday, 4pm-9pm.

>>> Click here to see the full menu