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Top Entertainment Venues With Kosher Eateries

We all have our hobbies and eating preferences and the opportunity to combine both in one memorable experience that will stick with you. If you are a vegan or keep kosher, you can rest assured that many entertainment venues in the most exciting cities worldwide, and the United States, make sure to cater to your specific dietary preferences.  In fact, finding a kosher venue today is very easy. Let’s take casinos, for example. Even if the casino doesn’t have a rich kosher menu per se, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some excellent eating options.  Today, we take you on a quick journey through two of the biggest cities known for their entertainment options, whether casino gaming or live shows, i.e. Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Casino and Entertainment

Nothing screams entertainment quite the same way as Las Vegas. Known as Sin City, Las Vegas is immortalized in many different tunes, and it’s one of the most visited places in the United States. There are no significant landmarks or history to write home about, but the fact is that Las Vegas has a magnetizing pull that few people can resist.  In a word, Las Vegas is home to the largest and biggest entertainment venues, and the famous Las Vegas Strip hosts some of the most significant casino properties you will ever find. Casinos are naturally a big part of the experience, but the question is, what food options do they offer?

Now, most of these casinos offer kosher food, and if you check in with the hotel or casino restaurant earlier, you can get a full list of all the delicacies that can be prepared for you. In fact, kosher eating culture has been in the United States since the beginning, and people have embraced it in the second part of the 20th century.  In today’s world, where dietary preferences are never assumed, kosher is just a part of the landscape. The Encore Las Vegas definitely offers various kosher delicacies that will make your palette very happy indeed.

Atlantic City

If you are looking for entertainment options beyond Las Vegas, you definitely should stop by Atlantic City. Atlantic City is often touted as a worse-off version of Las Vegas, but is it really? Located in a nice climate next to the sea with the casinos lining up the shores, you definitely will fall in love with the city for its unmatched charm. Atlantic City offers much in the way of:

  • Culinary experiences
  • Casino gaming
  • Entertainment options
  • Nightlife

In fact, you can argue that Atlantic City has some of the best kitchens in the world, and that is precisely what you will find here. This naturally brings the question – can you combine all of this entertainment and casino gameplay with some delightful kosher cuisine options? Well, the answer is yes, you can!

kosher eateries online

Actually, we will argue that it’s much easier to find kosher eating places in Atlantic City than in Las Vegas, and if pressed, we will have to give AC the upper hand when it comes to providing us with both good meals and great casino gaming. Atlantic City is similarly home to many kosher restaurants that are not necessarily part of casinos, so you can always nip out down to one of those as well, including:

  • Bubbies Bistro
  • The Palm
  • Breadsticks Café & Grill

There are many great options to explore. Once your bellies are full, we invite you to check out some of the best casinos in the city. Some of those include the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Bally’s AC, Borgata and numerous other five-star rated properties that will definitely make an impression on you.

Why Not Play Online Instead?

If you want to get sure-fire kosher culinary choices and great entertainment but are not too willing to go through all the hassle of travelling to either Atlantic City or Las Vegas, then one way you can do that is to play online casinos games from home.  You will have the opportunity to order foods that you know are kosher and that you surely can appreciate for their good quality. Simultaneously, instead of spending money and time on travel, you can log into your online casino and find the games you enjoy the most.  Of course, you will probably want to travel from time to time and visit an actual entertainment and kosher venue where you can meet people in person. That’s okay – you can do that as well.