Kosher Vegetarian Indian Restaurant Opens on Manhattan’s East Side: Vatan

A kosher Indian vegetarian restaurant is open on the East Side of Manhattan: Vatan, which is serving up all kinds of Indian delicacies in Kip’s Bay.

EDIT: An early version of this article indicated that this restaurant was on the Upper East Side. It is not. See the map below for exact location. 

Toor dal (boiled lentils, spices), bhaji (sauteed spinach and corn), batakanu sak (potatoes cooked in mild red gravy), kheer (rice pudding with dried fruits), and papadam (thin lentil wafers), and more are served as entrees.

Desserts include Indian ice cream, gulab jamun (waffle balls in sugar and rose syrup), and masala chai (Indian tea, cardamom, ginger, milk).

Vatan also has gluten free, nut free, and vegan menus.

Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-9:30pm, and Friday-Sunday 5pm-1opm.

Vatan is certified by Rabbi Israel Steinberg. The wines, however, are not kosher certified.

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  • Karen Radkowsky

    This says UES, but website says that the restaurant is located at 28th ST & 3rd Avenue

    • Thanks. We made an error and the article has been updated.

  • Doris Jaffe

    If their wines are not certified kosher how can you trust the kashrus of the restaurant? What if they decide to add wine to a recipe? Perhaps it should be suggested to the owners/management to use only kosher wines. These days there is a wide variety of kosher wines in all price ranges so cost should not necessarily be a factor in their decision. From a business standpoint, it pays for them to have only kosher products in their establishment.


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