New Kosher KFC-style Chicken Bar Opens on the Beach in Bat Yam, Israel: DJAJA

Last updated: March 8, 2017

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The KFC chain had left Israel a while back due to Kashrut reasons (the seasonings in the breading contained powdered milk) and left a hole in the market for fried chicken. With fried schnitzel available almost anywhere, there was still an opening for a kosher fried chicken vendor. While there is one restaurant that serves fried chicken on the menu (Sara’s Place in Ra’anana), it’s only one item on a full menu.

Now, filling that hole is Djaja Chicken Bar dedicating its full attention to fried chicken. Located on the Bat Yam boardwalk, menu items include wings, nuggets, a 3 or 4 piece combo or even a bucket with 9 pieces.  The side dishes include cole slaw, tater tots, beer battered onion rings, and more. If you aren’t in the mood to get all greasy, there are other menu items like that include rotisserie chicken, chicken wraps, or a crispy chicken burger.

Kashrut Rabbanut Bat Yam

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    Can you clarify what you wrote about KFC in Israel. The kosher stores were closed down because of violations of milk powder, or did you mean the non kosher KFC stores in Israel closed down because of milk powder?
    I’m asking because I used to go to the one in mevaseret mall and malha mall and both had mehadrin kashrut.

    • Jonathan S

      Still unclear, but this article implies that in 2009 KFC developed a soy-based “milk powder” for their coating. Not sure what they used before that and doesn’t explain why they closed down. I assume it wasn’t for kashrut purposes, rather financial.,7340,L-3683023,00.html