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Endless Meat & Beer at this New Kosher Beer House in Israel: BishiQ Boutique Brewery‎

It has been a while since there has been an all you can eat style restaurant in Israel that serves bottomless beer. The BishiQ Boutique Brewery‎ has taken this task upon themselves and are offering this feast 3 nights a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm. You reserve a seat in advance.

Located in Mishmar Hayalon, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (closer to Latrun, Modi’in, and Ramla) the BishiQ Boutique Brewery‎ brews their own beers: Irish stout 4.5%, Amber ale  5.5%, Red ale 5%, Belgian Sezon 8%, Bavarian wheat  5% and a Pilsner lager 5.5 %.

There are 3 different options for the all you can eat meat: The basic BishiQ which includes a platter with smoked meats, the house kebob, Mergez sausage, Chicken leg off the bone in a house marinade, salads, and homemade bread for 175 shekels.

Then there’s the BishiQ Boutique meal where they add to the basic: homemade smoked sausages, and Argentinian Angus rib eye strips for 200 shekels.

Then comes the BishiQ Premium Angus meal where they add to the basic: Smoked goose breast, lamb chops and whole Angus rib eye steaks for 250 shekels. All the meals come with bottomless beer, house wine, and soft drinks. 

Reserve yourself a spot for this feast, because of what you are paying, you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

Call +972 50-998-9199 to make a reservation.

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