Shalom Mumbai Replacing Mumbai Grill in Great Neck, NY

Last updated: January 16, 2017

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shalom-mumbai-kosher-indian-great-neck-long-islandWhile the specifics to Mumbai Grill’s loss of hashgacha were not made public, it was enough to force the restaurant’s closure this month. Replacing it will be Shalom Mumbai, a Glatt Kosher Indian restaurant with a different menu, and new orthodox partners / owners, including the same chef as Mumbai Grill, who is now a partner in the business.

The restaurant is expecting to reopen on Sunday (1/22) and be under the kosher supervision of the OU. For the first week the restaurant is only offering an open buffet, all you can eat for $30/pp. Thereafter, they’re expecting to offer a similar menu to that of Mumbai Grill’s menu.

With the recent loss of Mumbai Grill, and the loss of Shalom Bombay years ago, Shalom Mumbai will be the only Glatt Kosher Indian restaurant in NYC. Many other kosher Indian restaurants exist throughout the city, but all of them are vegetarian.

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