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Palm Beach Gardens, FL Has a New Kosher Restaurant: Pita Grille

pita-grill-pbg-kosherA new restaurant has opened in South Florida, north of West Palm Beach. Pita Grille is open for business as of December 29th. It is the only kosher restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens.

Menu items include typical Mediterranean dishes. Hummus, tahini, falafel, babaganoush, and schwarma are available as appetizers or sandwiches. Appetizers include corn dogs, chili wings, stuffed mushrooms, and salmon crab cakes. There are also many different plates available from the grill — with chicken, meat, or fish options. Soups, salads, and kids items are also on the menu. Baklava, tiramisu, apple strudel, and chocolate soufflé are available for dessert.

pita-grille-kosherPita Grille is certified by the Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens.

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  • I was told the Rabbi at Aitz Chaim Rabbi Richmond in West Palm Beach has told his congregation the Supervision of the new Pita Grill in Palm Beach Gardens Fl. has an unreliable supervision and it was NOT recommended to eat there. and other Rabbis including Chabad besides off course the one giving the Hashgocho were NOT recommending the kashrut of the place for many reasons. FYI .

    • That sounds odd.
      I remember another restaurant in palm beach gardens several years back that was also under the local chabad supervision and apparently there wasn’t any issues with that. To see for myself I actually contacted the chabad rabbi giving this supervision and he was gracious and gave me all the facts. After speaking with him, I can assure you that this restaurant is under the strictest kashrut standards. I encourage anyone who has any concerns to contact him directly.

      • I am sure Rabbi Richmond made his due diligence before he recommended his Orthodox congregation not to eat from that restaurant. I would you suggest you call Rabbi Richmond and the other Chabads. Part of the problem as I understand is that Rabbi from Chabad who is also not reliable so calling him doesn’t seem the right thing to do. Also the other Rabbi on the Certification is just a plain businessman. its not my thing so I will not comment anymore.

    • I spoke with Rabbi Richmond to verify and he told me that this is a false quote in his name. Clearly the person who posted this has a vendetta.
      I was there one evening last week and I saw about about five local chabad rabbis eating there. I checked with my Chabad rabbi and he told me that all the Chabads of North Palm Beach County are involved in giving the certification at Pita Grille including the Chabads of Jupiter, Wellington, Boynton, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Island, Palm Beach Gardens and Royal Palm Beach.