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New Vegan Ice Cream Chain Now in Jerusalem’s Machne Yehuda Market: Gela

gela-machane-yehuda-kosher-vegan-ice-cream-israel-jerusalemA new vegan ice cream chain has hit the Machne Yehuda Market in Jerusalem earlier this fall: Gela.

Gela offers 18 flavors of ice cream, to be rotated based on the season. The parlor’s more innovative flavors include almond-milk based saffron and pistachio ice cream. During the winter, the ice cream parlor will offer “warm and nuttier flavors that suit the cold,” such as chestnut, coffee, Oreo flavors and much more.

Not only do they offer vegan ice cream they offer vegan desserts and vegan frozen yoghurt.

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Yehudah Jacobs is a 30-year-old food fanatic who is in digital marketing. He is a classically trained chef, and a renowned carnivore. Yehudah made the switch from the kitchen to the digital world so he can find trendy places to write about and share his recipes. You can find him traveling around Israel, trying to find a good beer while sharing it with his friends on his Facebook group "Israeli Foodies" and Twitter: @yudajacobs.


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  • Thanks so much for this post Yehudah. I have a yummy parve pistachio cake that is going to be soon topped with vegan pistachio ice cream from Gela! I have been waiting for this.

  • Why does this site never mention the *supervision* of businesses that are advertised? Is it so difficult to list the supervision? Many posts over the past few weeks omit this important information that should always be disclosed.