NYC’s Great American Health Bar Now Under “OK” Kosher Supervision

Last updated: August 11, 2016

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great-american-health-bar-kosher-OK-nycWhile the popular dairy cafe has been kosher for many years, many in the community didn’t eat at Great American Health Bar, a longtime tenant on W57th st. in midtown Manhattan.

That all changed this past weekend when the restaurant changed their kosher supervision to the OK, one of the most widely accepted kosher supervisions in the US.

Aside from the hashgacha change, the restaurant will now also be fully Shomer Shabbat, i.e. closed on Saturdays.

The large menu offering of salads, sandwiches, wraps, pastas, frozen yogurt, and more has been left unchanged.


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  • Mo B


  • David Sherman

    I guess this means they’ll be closed on Pesach now. I found it really bizarre that a kosher restaurant would be open (with chometz, obviously not kosher l’Pesach) during Pesach when we were in Manhattan a few years ago. I’ve only ever seen that it one other place (a kosher bakery in Long Beach on Long Island where we went for a Pesach program one year).

    • agreed

    • SomeGuy3283

      Country Boy Bakery in Long Beach isn’t Jewish-owned – and since they don’t convert the kitchen for Pesach (and have enough non-kosher clients in the area) – they have no reason to close.

      • David Sherman

        Ah – thank you for clarifying. Strange, but understandable. I’ve forgotten whether they put up a sign saying “our bread isn’t kosher for Passover” :-)