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New Kosher Pita Joint Now Open in the 5 Towns: Tanami’s Famous Pita

tanamis-famous-pita-kosher-5towns-restaurantThe former owner of Famous Pita in Brooklyn, Baruch Tanami, has opened up a new Middle Eastern shop in Inwood, the area of the 5 Towns sandwiched between Lawrence and Far Rockaway (although technically right behind the Lawrence LIRR station), aptly named Tanami’s Famous Pita.

The menu is packed with authentic Israeli and other regional items including shwarma, falafel, schnitzel, salatim, hummus, fresh pitas, and more. Early reviews are comparing it to the quality food served at Famous Pita’s back in its heyday, which is a good thing.

tanamis-hummus-pita-kosher-5townsTanami’s can also be ordered online for pickup or deliver via Chownow.

Hours of operation for Tanami’s are: Sun-Thurs 11am–11pm, Fri 8am–2hrs before Shabbat

Tanami’s Famous Pita is under the kosher supervision of the Vaad of the 5 Towns.


[Image by Simon Springer]

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  • Would make more sense to have a kosher Mexican restaurant in that location! If there’s anything the Five Towns doesn’t need, it’s another shawarma joint. How about something original, for a change?

    • thats a pretty nasty comment. This is what this guy does…and he does it well…very well in fact.

      • To give you the benefit of the doubt, I’ll assume you weren’t aware that there are already several shawarma dives in the Five Towns. Yet another one isn’t needed at this time. Other types of kosher restaurants would be more than welcome. A kosher authentic Mexican restaurant, a kosher diner, or kosher drive-through would be a nice addition to the community. Read up on sinat chinam, and learn how to disagree with another’s opinion rather than calling his opinion “nasty,” Simon.