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The Judean Hills: Great Kosher Restaurants with Amazing Views

Surrounding the city of Jerusalem are many villages, settlements, and other cities like Mevaserret. What all of these places have in common is the elevated Judean Hills that cross the terrain. Part of the Judean hills reach the desert to the east, while the west slopes down towards the sea. Some of villages and mountaintops host some of the most unique kosher eateries due to their close proximity to mother nature.

We compiled this list for Israelis who want a change of pace, a return to nature, a date night out, and also for the tourists in Israel who want a change to the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem & Tel Aviv.

The following is a list of kosher restaurants in the Judean Hills with amazing views:


דרך הגפן

Derech Hagefen

Located right on the outskirts of Jerusalem, in the mountainside town of Beit Zayit, is one of the best dairy restaurants in the Jerusalem area, Derech Hagefen. Not only is it a great dairy restaurant, it is located right next to a nursery where they grow beautiful plants and flowers. You really feel like you’re dining in nature. They are open for all three meals and have many vegan options as well. There are numerous delicious items on the menu, you might have to make a couple of visits.

Tip: Due to its popularity, you should book a reservation ahead of time.

Kosher Local Rabbanut



Muza Bahar

A little farther down the main highway number 1, on the way to Tel Aviv, is a small village named Shoresh. Some people may know it, because they have stayed at the hotel there. But now there is another reason to go and stop for lunch. Muza Bahar is a restaurant that has recently become kosher, and have kept all of their best sellers on the menu in the kosher version. The French Bistro style menu offers a large variety of dishes including meat, fish, pasta, and more. So on the way to either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, make sure you stop for a wonderful meal.

Tip: Go for lunch and enjoy the view from the porch overlooking the Judean Hills.

Kosher Local Rabbanut




On the southeast side of Jerusalem is the small village of Mishor Adumim. Right outside is a great meat restaurant that understands the value of barbecue. Hakna’anit is a meat restaurant that gets its inspiration from the desert it’s located in. From the breads made in an outdoor oven, to serving most of the dishes in hot cast iron pans. It is nice to see a place that gets its inspiration from the environment and not just another steakhouse.

Kashrut Local Rabbanut



פיצונקהIn the green Jerusalem forest there are many small villages that if you don’t slow down on the highway, you might miss. In this case we’re referring to the village of Nes Harim, which is home to a very popular water park over the summer. Its other claim to fame is the meat restaurant Pichunka. A funny name with an amazing view of the Jerusalem forest, with a menu that represents the forest it’s in all its glory.

Pichunka’s menu is filled with a bit of everything including a burger challenge. Another great thing about the restaurant are its reasonable prices and there’s something for everyone on the menu.

Kosher Local Rabbanut


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