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SPECIAL EVENT: “Blackout Brunch” in NYC (May 22nd)

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BLACKOUT BRUNCH – Where your all senses will come together

blackout-brunchHave you ever wondered what it’s like to eat a meal without the use of sight, using only your other senses to enjoy your food? The Jerusalem Institute for the Blind will be hosting a “Blackout Brunch,” an eye-opening, blindfolded dining event on Sunday May 22, 2016, 10:00 a.m. at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue in Manhattan.

Get a first-hand glimpse into the lives of those who are blind or visually impaired, while experiencing a culinary journey in the dark—relying entirely on your non-visual senses.

Tickets: $90 per person until April 30, then $125 per person.

Catering by Genadeen, Kashrut under the Kof-K.

Visit BlackoutBrunch.org or call 212-532-4155 for sponsorship opportunities or to purchase tickets.

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