Rita’s of Coney Island, Brooklyn is Under New Kosher Supervision

Last updated: April 1, 2016

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Image from Zomato.com

The popular ice / custard / dessert shoppe by the beach in Coney Island is opening for the season on 4/1, but it is no longer under the OU which announced today that it is no longer under its supervision.

On Facebook, Rita’s of Coney Island announced that they are now open 7 days a week (which doesn’t make it traif automatically, but they weren’t open on Shabbat previously whilst under OU’s supervision; see the “Shomer Shabbat” label on the image to the right).

Rita’s Coney Island is now under the kosher supervision of the Star-D, for all year round (excluding Passover), non-Cholov Yisroel.


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  • Bob

    If Rita’s will be be under the Star-K, that means that all of the products sold at that establishment will be cholov Yisroel, which I highly doubt. Perhaps you mean the Star-D, which is the non-cholov-Yisroel Star-K supervision? Or is there a different Star-K than the Va’ad of Baltimore?

    • Hi Bob, thanks for that clarification, and you may be right.

      Both the answering service at Rita’s, and their Instagram account specifically stated “Star K.”

    • You are correct. It is Star-D.
      I will edit above.