New Kosher Indian Restaurant in NYC’s West Village: Ahimsa

Last updated: March 21, 2016

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Ahahimsa-nyc-kosher-indian-west-village-nyuimsa is a newly kosher certified vegetarian Indian restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. The menu offers a variety of vegetarian Indian dishes from various regions in India.

The restaurant also offers a 10% student discount for NYU students, as well as an $11.95 lunch special all you can eat buffet, M-F 12-3pm.

The restaurant is open daily from 12pm-10pm, and until 11pm on Saturday nights.


Kashrut supervision under OKS – Rabbi Cohen.

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  • Barbara Arfe

    Is Ahimsa in the West Village open on Shabbos? Is Rabbi Cohen Orthodox, and certifies that the retaurant is careful about bodek?-, (Barbara Arfe)

    • Yes, it is open on Shabbos.
      Yes Rabbi Cohen is Orthodox:

      I doubt they are Bodek.

      Plenty of kosher restaurants are open on Shabbat. That does not disqualify a restaurant from being kosher, despite what many think.