The Pizza Professor is Coming Back to Queens, NY

Last updated: December 8, 2015

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Old Pizza Professor signage [Image from Yelp]

Old Pizza Professor signage [Image from Yelp]

A new iteration of the former Kew Gardens Hills (Queens), NY kosher pizzeria is coming back to the neighborhood according to a sign on the door of the former Hibachi Express.

Ironically, this exact space housed the original Pizza Professor only a few years ago. This space has seen a few kosher restaurants come and go, but it appears that The Pizza Professor will be back in the near future.

Thank you @AshCohn for the tip.

No word yet on official timing, but we will keep you posted here.

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  • Arsen Bababekov

    Hello Dani,

    My name is Arsen and I was wondering if you can remove the picture of the old “Pizza Professor” signage from Google. “The New Pizza Professor” is under new management and the picture on Google has the name of the old Pizza Professor and is not associated with the new one at all.


    Arsen B.

    • Hi Arsen,
      Can you add a new picture here in the comments for us to add instead? Thanks