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2 New Kosher Restaurants in Riga, Latvia

Exterior of Restaurant
Exterior of Restaurant

Riga, capital city of Latvia, received its first kosher restaurant last fall: Meating Place. The restaurant serves meat, fish and poultry dishes. It is under the kosher supervision of Rabbi Kalev Krelin of KosheRiga.

The restaurant is open Monday – Thursday from 1-8pm, and shorter on Fridays. We recommend contacting the restaurant in advance to confirm times.

Last week a new Kosher Dairy Cafe named “7:40” also opened in Riga. The Café is located in the building of the Jewish Centre at сколас 6 (entrance from the street dzirnavu downstairs).

The Café has a kosher certificate кошрута from KosheRiga (Р.К.Крелин) and EEK (East European Kosher certification to the conference rabbis of Europe).

Interior of 7:40 Cafe

The cafe is open from 10am to 7pm Monday-Thursday,
Friday until 3pm, and Sunday until 5pm.

See the map below for location info.


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  • Actually there already was one kosher (meat) restaurant, L’Chaim, which I’ve been to myself many years ago when visiting my birthplace with my babushka Leah Evenstein. I don’t know if it’s still open but the Chabad website still describes it. See It’s in Russian but translated it says:

    Kosher Cafe “Lechaim”
    We offer a Jewish national dishes.
    Breakfasts, lunches, dinners.
    Challah on Shabbat, delicious pastries, necessary for the Holidays Judaica.
    Birthdays and meetings with friends.
    We accept orders for banquets, and you can order dishes of Jewish cuisine to your home table.
    Address: Lāčplēša 141, Riga
    Tel., 6728023567280235