Mocha Burger Opening This Week Near NYU

Last updated: June 15, 2015

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Mocha Burger Exterior

Much awaited Mocha Burger, the only kosher restaurant in the NOHO area (for now), opens Tuesday, June 16th @ 11am. Featuring a hip downtown vibe, MB will be serving signature burgers, steaks, salads, chicken, fish and a variety of apps. Read more here.

Reservations are recommended for this opening week.

Here is their MENU.

Kosher certification is provided by the OU, with meat being chassidishe schechita.

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  • chaimhaas

    Food is excellent, ambiance is good as well. This may be the best “kosher burger joint” in Manhattan. Much better fare than Amsterdam, Gotham, etc.

    • Wait, what? Are we talking about Mocha Burger near NYU? The food I had there was not particularly good save for the dessert. Gotham’s isn’t great either, but Amsterdam’s is in a different league.