Unique “Halakhic Dinner” Wrap Up

Last updated: May 12, 2015

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Last night, a room of a couple hundred Jews from around the NY area enjoyed a meal of learning and unique kosher foods which included animal intestines, hearts, brains, testicles, livers, sweetbreads, foie gras, quail eggs, tongues, goat, bison, squab, ox-tail and locusts.
Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik from the Spanish Portuguese Synagogue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan hosted and educated the room on the various halachot of the animals we were eating. Sources were provided in an educational and fun way (unless you were from New Jersey) adding to an already great experience.

The meal was tasty and adventurous to say the least. Here’s a selection of the dishes we enjoyed last night. Oh, and if you’re wondering if I ate the locusts (scroll down)…

"Halakhic Dinner" — Etrog-Dressed Salad: 4 greens, green peppercorn, young radish, mandarins, glazed almonds, currants

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"Halakhic Dinner" — 'Butter' poached brains w/chickpeas, white pickled garlic & lemon & truffle oil

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"Halakhic Dinner" — Goat Tagine in a crispy cracker bowl

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"Halakhic Dinner" — Slow cooked Ox-Tail in a sherry wine mousseline

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"Halakhic Dinner" — Mexican Chipotle Chocolate covered Locusts YES, this is #kosher

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  • So Sad

    I certainly hope you followed that choco-locust with a ‘Shehechiyanu’….

  • Elaine Dejesus

    The food was so amazing. I have been to numerous events in nyc but Sova Catering never fails to impress me!!!

  • Nathan Southfield

    It all looks seriously disgusting. No wonder so many people got sick afterwards

    • I don’t think you know how food related illnesses work.

  • Nathan Southfield


    Your own wife got sick and your still touting this dinner as though it was a shame we all missed out.

    • The event itself was very enjoyable. No one left the event ill. Whether or not my wife got sick from the event is still TBD, and even if she did, it doesn’t discount the event itself. It just means that certain standards werent kept that should’ve been.

  • vegnut

    I feel sick just having looked at the pictures. How revolting!

    • If everyone enjoyed the exact same food, the world would be a boring place.