New Kosher Asian Restaurant in Jerusalem’s Feingold Courtyard

Last updated: March 29, 2015

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The Feingold Courtyard in the heart of the capital is the host to some of Jerusalem’s best restaurants and bars. A brand new Asian fast food eatery has opened up in the Courtyard called Walk or Wok, under the Rabbanite supervision of Jerusalem.


The concept is simple: build your dish the way you want. Choose fried rice or stir fried noodles, add your protein of choice, and pick your sauce to coat the stir-fry. To finish the dish, choose the topping of your liking whether you like crunchy peanuts or fresh coriander. No set menu involved. Best part, all of this takes less than 5 minutes!


The other thing that’s cool about it is, the 10 shekel sushi menu.  Affordable sushi that is simple and tasty.


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