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Chops: New Kosher Steakhouse in Sunny Isles, Florida

Photo by Great Kosher Restaurants

UPDATE: Chops will be opening this Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 5 pm and will be open on Saturday night from 1 hour after Shabbos ends till 1 am. Comment below with your reviews!

A new steakhouse, Chops, is set to open in Sunny Isles (North Miami Beach) in mid-March. Run by the same owner as Chops in Montreal, Isaac Nahon, this upscale restaurant will serve aged meats, a full sushi menu, and fine wines.

Chops’ venue will be fairly large, with seating for up to 250 people, including a 35-foot bar, a VIP room, and outdoor seating to fit 40 people. There will also be free parking for all Chops’ patrons.

We’ll keep you posted with  the official opening date and more details as they are posted.

Source: Great Kosher Restaurants

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  • Outstanding addition to South Florida. Pricey restaurant but the steaks are outstanding. Caution: the chef’s definition of “medium-well” was completely overcooked. Not even a side of pink. Ask for your steaks medium. The 10 oz steak is a full dinner. There wasn’t a speck of fat on mine.

  • The server was polite, however not the manager. My family and I ordered spaghetti bolognese, porter steak, and salmon. After eating halfway through the salmon; I noticed the salmon was real pink, mushy, wet. I did not order sushi, so this was not acceptable. Our waiter takes it back to get cooked more. After 15 minutes, he brings it back only to notice pink once again as I ate into it again. At this point, I was no longer hungry and wanted to only pay my 2 of 3 meals. My steak was medium rare when I asked for medium well. That’s another complaint, but let me finish the first point of contention. I tell the manager my salmon was not finished. He says that because it’s 1/2 way ate that he can’t do anything and that I will pay for the uncooked salmon. Here’s where the fun started when he said no and that he won’t do anything for me since the fish was almost gone. I was expecting a response of “Oh I’m sorry. I can deduct it off your check.” Instead, he responded with that response. Dismayed at his response, I told him I’m not paying for the salmon meal. I will write a food complaint. I said that you might as well call the cops because I’m not satisfied and fearful I would get sick. Anxiously, I call the cops because I was fearful he wouldn’t let me leave. 3 squad cars came out and I advised what my experience was and my issue with paying for uncooked salmon. Thankfully, the cops understood what I was saying and how I was feeling about the food. I ended up paying only half the food vs full meal. In closing, I think this restaurant is nicely setup but perhaps not a place for non-Jewish people. Spanish, Asians, Arabs might want to go to Domino’s Pizza instead.

  • So a couple of months ago, I hear there is a new kosher place in town. Being part of the Jewish community, I was really excited at first. A dear friend of mine warned me about this place. He said it was a total rip off. But I disregarded his opinion and decided to try it anyway. So listen to this. First, I walk into the place and there is no one there to greet us. I thought it was unprofessional that there was no hostess to greet us. So we decided to sit ourselves. As we were walking into the place, we noticed that the place didn’t smell so good. The smell got really worse as we walked deeper into the restaurant in their booth section. It kinda smelled like dead animal. We should have walked out at that point, but we didn’t. I was really hungry. We sat at a table far away from the smell. Our sever finally greeted us after we had been sitting there for minutes. I remember his name was “Kobi”. He was ok at first. He kept disappearing when ever we needed something. We would see him outside talking on his phone. That was really unprofessional. At this point, the service wasn’t good and the food was no different. My wife ordered the taquitos, which came out very soggy and sad looking. I had the chicken soup, which i could not finish because it was too salty. It took about 40 minutes after we were done with apps for our steaks to come out. I don’t understand why it took so long, we ordered them medium rare. My wife ordered the Prime Rib Steak and I ordered the VIP Steak. The VIP was suppose to be larger than her steak. It wasn’t. They were the same size, I could not tell the difference. And on top of that, they were way over cooked. Almost well done. We decided to eat them anyway. Who knows how long it would have taken then to get it right. So we didn’t send them back. We ordered the lava cake for dessert. It looked so sad when they brought it to the table. The cake looked disfigured and the ice cream was all melted. We were so upset and disappointed after our meal. We decided to never come here again. But Wait, that’s not all. While we were settling our check, we noticed some of the other customers pointing at the ceiling. There was a huge dead rat hanging from the ceiling. You could see its long tail just hanging. This was so disgusting. I guess that’s where the smell was coming from. The owner just climbed a ladder at took it down. Some of the employees were laughing at this. Anyways, I hope my experience is of some help to all. I will never be coming here again. The food isn’t good. They need to hire a chef with some sort of creativity and experience. The place isn’t clean and smells. And the service is mediocre. And I think that any place with rats hanging from the ceiling should not be in business!

  • My wife and I recently had our anniversary. We decided to try the new chops steakhouse in sunny isles. I was told it was the same as the one in Montreal we loved so much. Oh how I was wrong !!! My wife ordered a glass of wine which was about 3 oz for 11$. Anyways. We both ordered steaks. I had the delmonico. She had the lady cut. My steak tasted like it was microwaved!! It was awfull. The worst I’ve ever had. How do you charge 60$ for something like that ??? And when I wanted to send it back our little server Kobe was nowhere to be found. My wife’s came out we’ll done when she ordered it medium rare. When we finally were able to send it back some scary looking guy I was td was the chef came out and starred at us from behind the sushi line for the rest of the night!! After all of that the owner comes over and rudely explains that we will be paying for everything! Don’t go here people!!! It smells like a garbage dump also.

    • F*ck that owner! I called the Sunny Isles Police who came out to resolve a similar issue I had with the manager saying I was going to pay for the food and not be able to leave. In the end, I paid 1/2 price for a undercooked fish that was taken to the back kitchen twice. I SWEAR on the Jesus they don’t believe in I will not go back this restaurant. Next time I’m down in N. Miami; I’m going to the Domino’s Pizza next door.