Again, No Kosher Restaurants Participating in “Restaurant Week”

restaurant week NYCAgain, Restaurant Week, which is actually 3 weeks long, will be void of any participating kosher restaurants. To my knowledge, no kosher restaurant has ever participated in this event. It is currently in year 21. (See our post from last year)

I’m unsure if this is deliberate, if no kosher restaurants qualify to participate, or if the organizers behind the event (The City of New York, American Express, and Open Table) just don’t think about the large subset of the population in NYC that keeps kosher.

I can’t imagine it’s because restaurants don’t qualify. There are plenty of upscale kosher places that should be more than willing to participate. Unless they don’t know about it, or, unless they choose not to join. That would silly.

Does anyone know how to get a restaurant added to Restaurant Week? If so, please comment below. I’d love to let the owners of local kosher restaurants know how to join.

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Dani Klein

Dani Klein is the founder of YeahThatsKosher, is passionate about global travel, good kosher food / restaurants, social media & the web, technology, digital marketing, and spending time with his friends & family.

Dani has an MBA in Marketing and works in the Social Media Marketing field for a large media agency.

  • Jessica Blanco

    i know, how stinky is it?! come ON, kosher restaurants!

  • Last week I spoke to NYC & Company, the producers of the “week,” and we will try to work together in getting more kosher restaurants involved for their next program. I think it’s a combination of the restaurants not knowing too much about it since the restaurants have to contact them and the ones that do know about the week, not able to give up their profit margins and not wanting to do it.

    • Elan, let’s discuss this further offline

  • There’s some purpose in highlighting all sorts of restaurants, so I can’t even understand this thinking

  • It could be the price point and kashrut fees.

  • mike s

    Mr, Broadway is participating!

    • yes, I’m aware of this, but TECHNICALLY, they are offering this alongside Restaurant Week, not in conjunction

  • Cheryl
    • yes, I’m aware of this, but TECHNICALLY, they are offering this alongside Restaurant Week, not in conjunction

  • Could be a little of both


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