CONTEST: Win a Copy of the New Pesach Cookbook “No Potato Passover” by Aviva Kanoff

Last updated: February 17, 2012

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Stunning photography. Delicious, potato-free Pesach recipes (we all know you could use a little less potato on Passover, just admit it). All together, compiled and created by Aviva Kanoff: chef, artist, and photographer, creating a beautiful cookbook with easy to follow recipes, all Kosher-for-Pesach.

Win a limited copy of No Potato Passover by participating in the contest below, OR, you can purchase a copy directly from the author at

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About The Author

  • Looks interesting!

    • Avivakanoff

      It is :)

  • I want to win! I love cookbooks and this looks amazing!

    • It is. Starch free (mostly) recipes with beautiful imagery! 

    • Avivakanoff

      thanks so much!!

  • my favorite thing to do on Pesach is eat!

  • Rsbd220

    My favorite thing about Pesach is spending time with family!

  • I love the seder meals, singing songs from the Hagaddah, and spending time with the family.  I also love matzah with cream cheese!

    • I need more matzah & CC in my life when it’s not #Pesach.

  • Shoshanna

    My favorite thing about Pesach is late-night Torah discussions over delicious food!  And cooking, because cooking is awesome.  But hard on Pesach because my husband won’t eat potatoes!  Which is why I will totally buy this book if I don’t win it.

    • Avivakanoff

      thanks so much for your interest! We might be able to work out a deal if you dont win :)

    • You’ll truly enjoy it Shoshana! 

  • My favorite thing about pesach is matzah with cream cheese. Most people hate matzah, but I always look forward to my cream cheese sandwiches! 

  • My favorite thing about Passover is the extra set of hands around to help with the kids ;)

    • Dave, do you grow extra hands on #Pesach? That deserves its own book in and of itself. 

  • My favorite thing about Passover is having my big loud family around.

    • “My Big Fat Jewish Seder?” #Passover

  • Irbranda

    going through the seder with my children. 

  • Avivakanoff

    Thank you all for entering! If you don’t win, please email me @
    and I will give you 15% off the sale price for your copy!

  • I find it the healthiest 8 days of the year, no processed foods, therefore no additives, food colorings, preservatives….just pure home made healthy foods.

  • Imbcg

    I like focusing on the fact that dust is not chametz. That way I’m relaxed going into the pesach cleaning!

  • Looks like a great cookbook!

  • Rachel Honeyman

    Aviva Kanoff’s cooking, of course!

  • Eematov

    that my kitchen is at it’s cleanest all year!

  • Yandes

    my favorite thing on pesach…making everything from scratch-it’s a nice change of pace