An Update and Tips for Keeping Kosher in Costa Rica

Last updated: January 6, 2012

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We have recently been informed that the “Kosher” Burger King in Costa Rica is currently under new ownership and is no longer kosher.

Here are a few locations that either serve (restaurants) or carry kosher food (ready to eat or other kosher products):

  • AIRPORT in San Jose – “Deli Poás” stands carry Kosher Salami sandwiches
  • CAFETERIA TAAM SHEL PAAM – located in the Jewish Community Center: DAIRY & PARVE cafeteria and restaurant as well as Catering and take out. Tel: (506) 2520-1013 /ext. 122
  • RESTAURANTE CLUB DEPORTIVO ISRAELITA – Meat Restaurant located in the Jewish Sports Club near the Airport. Tel: (506) 2441-1086
  • KOSHER CENTER – Take out food: deli, meats, grill, pareve bakery section. Tel: (506) 2232-2991. Address: Carretera a Pavas – South side of October 54, diagonal to La Artistica.
  • KOSHER 2 GO – Pareve & Dairy take out food. Located at: Carretera a Pavas, frente a la Shell. Less than Two blocks from the Orthodox Community Center.

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  • hxr02

    To Danny Klein.

    Where in Buenos Aires did you stay for Shabbos? 

  • What’s the deal with the milk in Costa Rica? Does it come under the heter of drinking regular milk?

    • If it’s cow’s milk I don’t see what the issue would be.