Skokie’s Malibu Pizza & Pasta has Closed

Last updated: October 31, 2011

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We have learned that a couple weeks ago, the owner of Malibu Pizza and Pasta restaurant in Skokie, Ken Hechtman (also the owner of next door Ken’s Diner), has decided to shut its doors lacking not enough community interest.

“Sadly, the Chicago religious community does not support their kosher restaurants,” he said. “The lack of interest in kosher restaurants is just as sour as it’s ever been.”

Story from: The Daily Northwestern

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    More like, your food at that restaraunt was TERRIBLE. We only went their twice because it was so bad. Sorry, but a surf board on the wall doesn’t make the food taste good.
    Also, we hardly go to Ken’s anymore because the people behind the counter give me the willies, and it’s dingy, (you haven’t remodeled in 15 years).