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Best of Kosher Brooklyn: PIZZA

Now that Pesach is over, we can continue our devouring of leavened bread products … and everyone knows how much we love our Pizza in New York. In Brooklyn alone there a few dozen Kosher Pizza places, likely the most in one city in the world. Having said that, if you are unfamiliar with the complexities of the flavors and experiences of kosher Brooklyn pizza, you’re in for a treat.

For the purposes of this post, I don’t think I can safely list just one Kosher Brooklyn pizzeria, so I am listing a few pizzerias in differing price categories and styles. (I’m aware that not everyone will agree with my tastes, but you are welcome to comment below and voice your opinion on your favorite Brooklyn pizzeria!)

    High End Pizzeria

  • Basil Pizza and Wine Bar
    270 Kingston Avenue, Crown Heights
    (718) 285-8777

    Basil’s unique atmosphere, ambiance, and it’s wood burning pizza oven make this place the talk of the town, by Jews and non-Jews alike. On certain nights, especially Saturday nights, expect to wait to get a table.
  • Premium Pizzeria

  • Benny’s Pizzeria
    1418 Avenue J, Midwood / Flatbush
    (718) 253-1894

    Benny’s is not your average kosher pizzeria. Their pies are cut into sixths not eights, so each slice is massive. They use a great combo of tasty sauce and a blend of multiple cheeses for their regular pizza, and also offer other types of slices like Vodka sauce pizza, and pizza with fresh mozzarella.
  • Best Bang for your Buck Pizzeria

  • Amnon’s Kosher Pizza
    4814 13th Avenue, Borough Park
    (718) 851-1759

    Amnon’s is a long time mainstay of Borough Park, serving up inexpensive pizza and other yummy fixins on 13th Ave for decades. Amnon’s Pizza is so popular, they have been selling their pizza frozen in kosher supermarkets for years as well.

    Honorable Mentions

  • Pizza Time
    1324 Avenue J, Midwood / Flatbush
    (718) 252-8801

    I’m not a particular fan of Pizza Time, but majority of my close friends are, and the place is consistently packed. There is always a wait to find a table, whereas the other kosher Pizza shops nearby remain relatively vacant (except Benny’s). People rave about the sauce they use in their pizza, and that it tastes similar to non-kosher pizza (not that I would know!).
  • Mendelsohn’s Pizza
    4418 18th Avenue, Borough Park
    (718) 854-0600

    Not to be overshadowed by Amnon’s Pizza on 13th Ave, Mendelsohn’s is quite tasty and popular in it’s own right.

Let us know what your favorite Brooklyn Kosher Pizzerias are and why! Do you agree or disagree with these picks?

Comment below!

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