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Best of Kosher New York

Every so often I get asked on Facebook and especially on Twitter what I recommend for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in places all over, particularly in “the city”. I figure, let’s get my top picks down in one post, and if you guys disagree – the comment section is open below for you to debate my choices. These are my personal choices, but I know that in most of these categories, most of you will agree.

Best of Kosher New York (Manahttan)

  • Best Kosher Pizza
    Rosa’s Pizza
    Lobby of Empire State Building, entrance near W33rd st & 5th Ave.

    Rosa’s is a hidden treasure within the Empire State Building, a place that only the locals tend to know about. My favorite is their margarita slice which uses fresh mozzarella and basil.

  • Best Kosher Burger
    1) Kosher Delight
    Broadway between W36th st & W37th st

    I know that not many will agree with this pick, but frankly I crave their Double Delight burgers with their fresh-off-the-grill flavor. It’s fast food, definitely not glamorous, but this is one thing that I always order there.

    2) Wolf & Lamb
    10 E48th st between 5th and Madison Aves.

    W&L has a menu section just for “Gourmet Burgers” which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Their options include Grass-fed Beef, Turkey Portobello, Lamb, and Ground Ribeye burgers. I highly recommend adding Pineapple Tempura onto your burger of choice.

  • Best Kosher Sushi
    1) Estihana
    221 W79th st. off of Broadway

    Any place that offers Seabass in sushi is a place I want to be. Enough said.

    2) Mr. Broadway
    Broadway between W37th st and W38th st.

    Despite being a deli, Mr. Broadway is one of those kosher restaurants that offers a little bit of everything. This might come to you as a surprise, but their sushi is really good. I’m a particular fan of the simple Atlantic Roll: Tuna, Mango, and Avocado.

  • Best Kosher Steak
    Prime Grill
    60 E49th St. between Park and Madison Aves.

    PG has it’s own private dry aging room, which means it’s steaks are perfected in house. A particularly different and tasty treat is their Chimichurri Marinated Hangar Steak, which is quite salty, but oh so flavorful.

  • Best Kosher Sandwich
    Schnitzel Express
    W39th st & Broadway

    With an entire menu of custom hot schnitzel sandwiches, you can’t go wrong with whichever of the 8 flavors you choose. My faves include the Italian, American, and Mediterranean flavors. Their add on sauces are quite good as well.

  • Best Kosher Bagels
    H&H Bagels
    Corner of Broadway & W80th st.

    Not only does H&H have the best bagels in town, they’re open 24hrs. Try the blueberry or cinnamon raisin plain – straight out of the oven. They’re great. No comparison anywhere else.

  • Best Kosher Italian
    Noi Due
    143 W69th St. off of Broadway

    Noi Due has a great atmosphere and it’s entire menu is not only authentically Italian, but quite tasty. It’s a great date place, or for Sunday brunch.

  • Best Kosher Deli
    Mendy’s Deli
    E34th st & Park Ave
    Grand Central Station
    Rockefeller Center
    Atrium – on E57th between Park & Lexington Aves.

    Mendy’s is well known from Seinfeld, and for good reason. Their deli meat is plentiful and tasty, and their 4 Manhattan locations can attest to that. Their soups are good too. But in case anyone asks, a soup and half a sandwich is a meal.

  • Best Kosher Vegan
    64 W23rd st. off of 6th Ave.

    Terri has an interesting menu with sandwiches (on awesome rosemary focaccia bread), wraps, and salads. I particularly like the Hummus & Avocado wrap, as well as their Beet salad. They also make many health drinks that are very popular.

  • Best Kosher Chinese
    Eden Wok
    E34th st. between Park and Madison Aves.

    A mainstay across from the Stern College dorms, Eden Wok offers the only true Chinese restaurant in the city. Their vegetable steamed dumplings are ridiculously good, as well as their Chicken w/Broccoli, eggrolls, and the Lo Mein dishes.

Now it’s your turn. Do you agree / disagree with this “best of” lineup?
Comment below.
(And just so we’re clear, this was just the best of Manhattan. We can discuss the other boroughs in another post.)


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  • I think the hamburgers at Deli Kashba are pretty amazing and I am not a burger lover. Other people who have tried them and are not burger lovers agree that they are the best.

  • @Lauren and @Judith – both are great places. Buddha Bodai is very different from Terri. If I added any more places I would list half of Manhattan!

  • I love the Eden Wok in New Rochelle but find the one in Manhattan to be considerably subpar. That said, I don’t really think there’s any good kosher Chinese in the city, so I’m not sure what I’d put on top. I guess I’d have to go with Estihana. And I happen to agree on Kosher Delight as best burger, as embarrassed as I am to admit it. Oh, and Va Bene over Noi Due for best (Dairy) Italian in a second. (And Tevere for best meat Italian, obviously.)

  • Thanks for your comments guys.

    @JoshY – didnt include Noah’s Ark because I thought it was only in Teaneck. I see now there’s one by you in the LES. Makes sense why you like it. ;)

  • You seem to be missing a few great places, chief among them Mike’s Bistro and Va Bene. I’d also easily recommend the pastrami burgers at Cafe Classico.

  • i must write and let you know about my families experience at ladino kosher tapas restaurant on 56 st in manhatten.the place was gorgeous so i was really excited to tasts the food first of all its not tapas at al very missleading no small tastes of anything!the appetizers were tasteless and extremely expensive all of their food was covered with this horrible smoke sause ewww heartburn city.i ordered a house glass of pino grigio which was half full and i was charged 20 dollars for the glass!!!we ordered top shelf steaks which were tough and vieny gross gross gross,my kids ordered fried chicken cutlets with a garlic cream sauce which was also inedible we sent everything back and paid for it all for 4 of us it came to 500 dollars with the tip we were in shock that these people were allowed to charge this much for what we still today call dog food which to tell you the truth i wouldnt feed that food to my dog as im in fear she would have lasting stomache issues they should be ashame of themselves never going there again and we have warned all our friends