Guest Review: Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

Last updated: December 31, 2013

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Guest Review by: Rachael Abrams

With a wide variety of mouthwatering flavors, this frozen yogurt spot can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. After tasting as many flavors as you can handle, fill up your own cup with your favorite yogurt concoction. Menchie’s might leave you feeling cold, but as any sweet treat does you’ll leave feeling like a real Mench … well, swell and happy to do good.

I tried Menchie’s in Austin, TX, but they have locations around the U.S. listed on their website. While the store does not have kosher supervision, nearly all of their products have an OU, Chof-K, or KSA hashgacha. (See Image)

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  • Dovid

    Unless Menchie’s has kosher inspection and has a kastrut certificate it is not kosher. Check OU and other certifying agencies. Having kosher products is not enough and revocation of a certicate does happen of there are violations such as bugs are non-kosher equipment. Dovid in Seattle