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Glatt Kosher SUBWAY® Restaurants in the U.S.

While there are nearly 22,000 Subway restaurants in the United States, only a tiny fraction of them are actually Glatt Kosher… the overwhelming majority doesn’t claim to be kosher at all, so be careful.

I have eaten at a few of the kosher Subway places and I do admit, it is not my favorite fast food place. I dont really have anything bad to say about it, just nothing great either. It’s a deli place. If you like deli and soft bread, its great. If not, its just a deli place. I definitely wouldn’t plan a vacation around going to a Kosher Subway, that’s for sure.

Having said that, these Glatt Kosher Subways are popping up all over the place, and people love them. I guess us Jews just desire what we can’t have. Don’t you remember when Oreos became kosher?? I must’ve bought 3 packages at least and binged on those bad boys until my teeth were black with chocolate cookie.

But I digress. After doing some research on the web, I’ve compiled a list of the Glatt Kosher Subway chains across the U.S. Are there any outside of the U.S.? Someone comment and let us know.
I haven’t seen much advertising from this chain so far, so I guess this list should give them a little boost.

    • Los Angeles
      8948 W. Pico Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA
    • Kansas City
      6312 College Boulevard
      Overland Park, KS
    • Baltimore
      706 Reisterstown Rd.
      Pikesville, MD
    • Livingston
      523 South Livingston Ave.
      Livingston, NJ
    • Brooklyn
      1219 Avenue J
    • Brooklyn
      937 Kings Highway
    • Cedarhurst, Nassau County
      529 Central Avenue
      Cedarhurst, NY
    • Queens
      14124 Jewel Ave
      Flushing, NY
    • Cleveland
      26001 South Woodland Road
      Beachwood, OH
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Special Notes:

  • The Kosher Subway in Lower Manhattan on Water St. has closed.
  • The Kosher Subway in New Rochelle has closed.
  • A Kosher Subway is planned for the Upper West Side section of Manhattan, NY.
  • A Kosher Subway is planned for Teaneck, NJ.
  • A Kosher Subway is planned to open within the Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington in Rockville, MD (Greater Washington D.C. area)
  • A Kosher Subway is planned for the Glendale suburb of Milwaukee, WI.
  • Other Kosher Subways may be popping up here:
  • Great Neck, NY
  • Miami Beach, FL
  • Brookline, MA
  • Toronto, ON
  • Chicago, IL

Pack your cars and head over to your closest Kosher Subway. Chances are you won’t be the only ones.

About the author

Dani Klein

Dani Klein founded YeahThatsKosher in 2008 as a global kosher restaurant & travel resource for the Jewish community.

He is passionate about traveling the world, good kosher food / restaurants, social media & the web, technology, hiking, strategy games, and spending time with his friends & family.


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  • Ironically, I found myself at the Subway on Pico Blvd in LA 2 nights ago. It was the only kosher eatery open after 1am in the Jewish area in LA.

    The food was actually better than expected. Im glad it was there.

  • B”H

    Yasher Koach! I am in agreement with almost everyone I have spoken to who has eaten at the Glatt Kosher Subway in L.A.: It is nothing special. I have also eaten at the Kosher Subway on Ave. J. in Flatbush/Midwood. I did notice an improvement when I was last there a couple of nights ago, and really enjoyed the Shwarma and the Tuna sub when I experimented with Dijon mustard and more on the tuna sub and mayonnaise and peppers on the shwarma sub. The L.A. shop almost never has Shwarma on Sat. nights when I have been there and this time only sold it to me because someone did not claim their order of it. The meatballs are too soft and small and should be large and firm like the treif Subways as I remember it so long ago…I am hoping they open a open branch in the San Fernando Valley soon.

  • The Kosher Subway in Kansas City is located at
    6312 College Blvd (the restaurant actually faces Lamar ave)
    Overland Park, KS 66212

    The people are friendly and the food is GREAT!

  • I’m not sure how often this has been updated since 2008. But the Subway on Ave J in Brooklyn, NY has closed.