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✈ Keeping Kosher in Munich, Germany

Contributed by Prianka Mizrahi | Last Date of Travel: May 2008

Kosher Info: There are a few kosher restaurants around the city center. My personal favorite is Fleming’s Kosher Restaurant which is inside the Jewish center on St Jakobs-Platz. The restaurant is located by an area called Marienplatz and 3 blocks from the City Hall where all the beer gardens are! Most Bavarian beers are technically kosher, but if you desire a certified beer ask for “Simcha”.

Another kosher restaurant worth checking out is Café Schmock which is on Augustenstraße 52. This restaurant is well know for its schnitzels!

There is an Israeli owned café called Café Bracha on Klenzestraße 47 which will satisfy your crave for some hummus and falafel but is not certified even though they claim to be kosher.

Tourist Info: Munich is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Germany. Most people flock for the city’s historical importance in German culture. Right outside the city you can visit the Palace of Nymphenburg. You can also visit the Olympic Park where the tragic loss of Israeli athletes took place in 1972. Right across from the Olympic Park is the BMW Museum.

Jewish Info: There is a large Jewish community in Munich , mostly whom are not Orthodox. However, unlike in Berlin, there is no eruv in Munich.

There is a memorial and small museum located in St-Jakob Platz. The infamous Dachau Concentration Camp is located about half an hour from the city , tours in Hebrew are available 7 days a week.

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