✈ Keeping Kosher in Milan, Italy

Contributed by: Abbie Rosenbaum-Braha | Last Travel Date: [Author lives in Milan]

Kosher Info: Milan’s kosher community is well served by three small supermarkets which carry just about anything that one could want. The following website gives a thorough listing of all kosher and Jewish establishment in Milan and throughout Italy: http://www.jewishitaly.org. If you will be in town over Shabbos the Re Solomone offer complete Shabbos meals which must be picked up there on Friday during regular hours. Please note that many shops and all restaurants close in the afternoon. Jewish Italians eat lunch at 1pm and eat a late dinner, so if you’re hungry between 2pm and 7pm you’ll need to consider fresh fruit. Restaurants charge a cover fee (1-2.5 Euros per adult), but tipping is not necessary.

You can use http://www.torinoebraica.it/listakasher.php to locate kosher food which can be purchased at any Italian supermarket. This list is in Italian (the foods which you might really need … Kellogg’s cereal, tuna fish – Palmera and Rio Mare brands, some cheese (fromaggi), and a short list of cookies and crackers).

Tourist Info: For a vacation in Italy, Milan doesn’t offer much to tourists, so if your not coming on business, you’d do well to spend your time in Venice or the Lakes. The shopping however, is great.

Jewish Info: (coming soon)

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