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✈ Keeping Kosher in Nice, France

Contributed by: Abbie Rosenbaum-Braha | Last Travel Date: January 2008

Kosher Info:
Nice is fairly small and just about all of the kosher places are reachable by foot from each other, the train station, and the Mediterranean. What was really great about Nice is that somehow, outside of Chabad, nobody spoke English or Hebrew, so I got to give French a spin.

  • Chez Arthur (13 rue Auber) – This steakhouse offers good food in a nice ambiance. I was only disappointed to discover that if you missed the lunchtime plat du jour, the menu offers no French food.
  • Restaurant Leshem Chamaym (22 rue Rossini) – This wonderful dairy restaurant is run by and attached to Chabad. It was a most pleasant surprise. The generously portioned food was delicious and the ambiance was great. The staff spoke Hebrew and English.
  • Le Kinneret (37 av. Georges Clemenceau) – We ate here a few times becuase the food was French and delicious. It is the only place open during the hours of 2 pm and 7 pm when once cannot get a kosher meal (or any meal) in a restaurant in Europe. It is not actually a restaurant but a bakery and a take out place, but they do have 2 tables where we spent many hours smelling the wonderful aromas, enjoying our food and watching the locals.
  • Supermarche K’GEL (18 rue Dante) – We shopped for kosher products here because it was right down the block from our hotel. They pointed us to a boulangerie down the block where we could purchase baguettes. This was the highlight of our trip.

Tourist Info: Nice is a fantastic getaway destination. The weather is sunny and warm about 350 days a year, the sea is truly azure and kosher dining is plentful. What we didn’t expect were Nice’s other attractions, beautiful gardens and villas, to be enjoyed in the warm breezy air. We particularly enjoyed the Villa Rothchild and its gardens just a short trip by bus up the coast. There are also many other gardens and villas open to the public in that area. Nice also offers a host of museums, catering to almost any interest. We visited the Matisse Museum, which is really only of interest if one is a Matisse fan and the Chaggal Museum which is of interset even if one is not a Chaggal fan. The museums are situated within a 20 minute walk – I recommend first heading to the Matisse, unless one much prefers walking uphill.

Jewish Info: (coming soon)